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Hi, welcome to the wiki. Thanks for uploading that Thunderbolt Mountain orc. I've re-uploaded it into the correct slot: THM-30MM-8500.jpg instead of your ImageTHM-30MM-8500.jpgcenter-8500brHeavy Goblin in Chainmail.jpg which is a bit of a crazy filename. :-) How did you upload it? Did you click on the "Upload file" option in the "toolbox" on the left? No one uses that - it is just a default option that the mediawiki software provides. The better way to upload a file is to go to the correct gallery page - Thunderbolt Mountain 30mm in this case - and click on a blank gallery image. You then get an "upload it" link to click. That's the best way. Hopefully you have some more Thunderbolt Mountain images for us! - Cattwister 08:06, 25 October 2020 (GMT) + + +

Thanks. I am trying to get the hang of using this page. I have 100s or 1000s of images that I have on my computer of minis that I would like to eventually fill in where needed. I have a good part of Thunderbolt Mountain's mini photos from their site. I will email Tom Meier to see if I can use them here. Thanks, Spsurlow aka Sean from Oregon aka Maninthemoon1965  ;)

And we now have the Tom Meier Thunderbolt Mountain images. :-) Excellent. I never managed to local copy the images before Thunderbolt Mountain closed. ...Can I ask what is happening with Yahoo groups? They are closing completely in December? And getting replaced with the Facebook group? I need to update the Links page if so. - Cattwister 08:17, 30 October 2020 (GMT)

+ + +

I still have more images for Thunderbolt Mountain. I need to clarify the item numbers for them first, before I upload them. I will send them to Tom Meier to fill in if he will do it. I hope to complete the 30mm range on here and others. He said that he will be putting out that line again in the next year or so. I heard that Yahoo Groups is ending also. It has been dormant for very long. They are several very good Facebook miniature groups out there though. I belong to several. I can get you the names and links if you would like me to. Also, there is a great company that makes Renaissance era Woodblock inspired skeletons that are wonderful called Skull and Crown Miniatures. It would be neat to see their minis on here before too long. Take Care, Sean in Oregon aka Sean in San Clemente aka Maninthemoon1965. ;)

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Hi Sean, I've added a proper Ral Partha Legacy page and linked into it the relevant Thunderbolt Mountain ranges. I also removed a couple of edits you did about Ral Partha Legacy and just added a link in to the new RPL page. Anytime you find yourself writing something that starts with "currently" is probably a mistake on a wiki - that makes the statement time-sensitive: it might be true when you wrote it but it won't necessarily be true tomorrow. I make that mistake myself with "currently" (and other phrasings like it). I also added the links to our (new) RPL page instead of keeping your direct links: this helps to combat link decay - the URL you used might be true today but tomorrow they might add a "www." or change the path in some other way and this will break all those links which will then need editing (we currently have this exact problem with links to Stunties who changed their base url.) If we point back to the RPL category page instead then it has a single link to their website - we would only need to change this link in the one place. If you still need to put a link in on a page then it should go in a "References" section at the *bottom* of the page. But, thanks for the edits you've been doing - I'm pleased to see the Thunderbolt Mountain stuff back in production! - Cattwister 10:39, 1 December 2020 (GMT)
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Thanks so much Neal. I wasn't sure yet how to link and interconnect everything at this point. I really was excited to see the Thunderbolt Mountain miniatures ranges re-released. It is going to cost me though. ;) Take Care, Sean

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