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Hi, the pics were from an old eBay auction. I just editied them to get the contents up. I only own a few pieces of the Tomb of the Dwarf King and none of King Nuflung's Throne Hall.

Hi Long time DND player and figure collector here, saw the new pictures you posted for dragontooth city of magic King Niflung's Throne Hall and Tomb of the Dwarf King. If you own them I am wondering if you would consider selling them?

Hi DMC, it will have been off the net somewhere. I remember an article about the original artwork but can't remember where unfortunately.


Good day,

I was wondering where you got the picture of the original artwork of the "wizard's room" box , grenadier ad&d line? Are there copies of any of the original pieces out there? Thanks, Dmc

Thanks TG - I got the set of magazines some years ago - a really great source of info / pics etc. All my copies are very well thumbed!


TDD, I seem to recall that you posted the data about Grenadier's Boris Vallejo 77mm figures. You will find this interesting if you have not already seen it ( A PDF of the first issue of Fantasy Modeling magazine with an article about that range. Also some Tofano studios references. -- TheGrouch

ID Error for TA-HR Figures

Hi Dozing Dragon.

The figures listed for Morrow Project are not the TA-HR Morrow project figures. The first three are all TA-HR Sci-Fi figures, one is an Imperial Terran trooper with fusion rifle. The second is a "Plazie" guard, and the third is a nonhuman alien called an "Osrugh". The final three figures are not TA-HR figures. TA-HR made no robots, they were going to make some robots for a game called the Mechanoid Invasion by Kevin Siemebieda (Last name is misspelled, but he is still doing games today-Rifts I think.) The guy with a pistol is close to the TA-HR Imperial Terran officer, but has a full face helmet, which none of the TA-HR Imperials had. The last non-human does not match any description of TA-HR aliens (or fantasy figures) that I have seen.

The Morrow Project figures were in 1960-1980's military uniforms and berets, without gear, and held a modern firearm like a Uzi, M-10, M-16, Stoner, etc. They did do the Morrow Project's HAAM suites, and some of the apelike devolved humanoids.

Many thanks, I am currently at work (night shift) however will attempt to amend tomorrow. I am flying blind on most TA-HR figures although have just picked up a bunch more with readable base inscriptions. More later!

Hi Long time DND player and figure collector here, saw the new pictures you posted for dragontooth city of magic King Niflung's Throne Hall and Tomb of the Dwarf King. If you own them I am wondering if you would consider selling them?


ID Details on more recent TA-HR figures

Originally, this figure did not have sword or sold with a sword. The title of the original figure is "Alien Ambassador". If the sword is a molded part of the figure, the figure is a recast and not an original TA-HR. |Comments on TA-HR-AL10.jpg

Although this figure is similar in pose to a TA-HR sci-fi adventurer figure, it is not. Please note that the base is octagonal and not round. TA-HR bases are always round or irregular due to the shape of the figure. |Comments on TA-HR-UNK02.jpg

--Crounching Griffen 01:29, 26 May 2009 (UTC)

Does Unique have any names for its range(s)? I'd like to see them on less cluttered page(s), perhaps split into Adventurers and Monsters if there are no range titles. PS. Thanks for cleaning up the contact comment.--Mysticat 08:39, 7 May 2011 (CDT) __________________

Nothing beyond the main range name, still old school at the moment (probably one of the reasons I like them so much, brings back memories).

FWIW. I think the page looks fine the way that it is structured now. The gallery isn't large enough that it should be broken out into multiple pages, and I would prefer to see it left in code order rather than, say, being reorganized into themed groups. I think it is useful/important to list things in the product code order, it makes it easy to find thing by ID, makes it easy to spot holes in the coding that would imply unaccounted for figures, implies the order of creation, etc. -TheGrouch

Minot Talis: Heroic Age images

Hi, can I suggest that the image currently assigned to HA10 Black Queen of Death may well be HA15 Snake Goddess instead? I have uploaded an image currently labelled HA10 alternate, which is marked on the base as MINOT HA10 - and I would suggest that figure is more in keeping with a Queen of Death, considering that she is wielding a sickle :) Have a think and let me know! coopuk 16:34, 9 February 2014 (UTC)

Somewhere I have a list that has pics. I'm 98% certain the new one you posted is the snake goddess. The 'Black Goddess' has a black facial type......

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