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Gots any tradebait, Treide?

- Sure, let me know what you are looking for. I am still in the process of posting my painted minis, unknowns, and available trades. Quick question - how do I insert category breaks into my personal gallery so it is easier on the eye?

--Not sure what you're asking. Go to mine and hit Edit. SGR

-Figured out how to add the section breaks, thanks. I have to go through my collection still to find all the unknowns and those I am willing to part with, then I will get them posted here.

Cool! I'd rather my trades go to guys here and in groups as opposed to Ebay. I want to get rid of lots of things, and still complete sets for my collection.

Pond Dragon - Did you use any special water effects or is that just high gloss paint??

- I painted the base with regular paint, then applied a thin coat of clear nail polish to get the reflective effect.

Check out this pic and imagine it with wings: The answer came from an ebay vendor who's been watching this site and is going to join up to post pics: snookums8 ~ Mysticat

One down, eighteen gazillion to go! Stephengroy 13:07, 11 August 2010 (MST)

Hold up... snookums8 says that fig might have been released twice: once as a balrog (with wings) and then as a demon without... trying to find out. ~Mysticat 13:33, 11 August 2010 (MST)

Well, well... Perth Pewter TM03: But the question is... what was the original Superior Models product code? There's not W&L fig title that suggests a balrog in our listing, so I'm thinking "WL-071 Surtur, the Fire Giant had wings, and was originally intended as a balrog, but not named as such for copyright safety (now relaxed for much use of the word). ~Mysticat 13:55, 11 August 2010 (MST)

Update from snookums8: the balrog always had wings, was WL-071 and was referred to as "the balrog" colloquially, but its name officially was Surtur, the Fire Giant. Hey, Treide... would you mind posting this pic to the Superior page for Surtur? ~Mysticat11:24, 17 August 2010 (MST)

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