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-{{ArticleLogoMenu||citadellogo.jpg|Citadel Miniatures|125px|__NOTOC__|QM-Citadel}}+{{ArticleLogoMenu||Warhammer-logo.jpg|Warhammer Fantasy Battle|200px|__TOC__|QM-Citadel}}
-From the end of the 1980s onwards, [[Citadel Miniatures]] focused solely on [[Games Workshop]] game systems. This page is the top level for all the [[Warhammer Starter Sets|Warhammer Fantasy Battle]] (WFB) related ranges.+From the end of the 1980s onwards, [[Citadel Miniatures]] focused on [[Games Workshop]] systems. This page is for all the [[Warhammer Fantasy Battle]] (WFB) related ranges.
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-<div class="contents-1 sub-contents">+{{QM-Citadel-Eras}}
-* Citadel:+
-* [[Citadel Ranges (1979-1983)|1979-1983]]+
-* [['C' Series (Citadel)|'C' Series]]+
-* [[Citadel Ranges (1984-1988)|1984-1988]]+
-* [[Citadel Ranges (1986-1988)|1986-1988]]+
-* [[Citadel Ranges (1988-1989)|1988-1989]]+
-* [[Warhammer Fantasy Battle|WFB]]+
-* [[Warhammer 40,000|40K]]+
<br> <br>
-===Warhammer Fantasy Battle=== 
<div class="contents-1 columns-24"> <div class="contents-1 columns-24">
<p class="contents-heading">Citadel WFB Ranges (1990 onwards)</p> <p class="contents-heading">Citadel WFB Ranges (1990 onwards)</p>
 +* '''Boxed Starter Sets'''
 +* [[Warhammer Starter Sets]]
 +* &nbsp;
* '''Armies''' * '''Armies'''
* [[Bretonnia (WFB)|Bretonnia]] * [[Bretonnia (WFB)|Bretonnia]]

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